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Since 2013

Wheel Sucker Cycling clothing and accessories began with a question. Why does bike-related clothing look so canned, overpriced and uncreative?....and what can we do about it? Okay, that is two questions.

Our answer: from the ground up, all of our designs are made by bikers for bikers. We put a great amount of effort into the creative process.

What motivates us?

How can we graphically demonstrate our interest in this sport?

A Passion for Motion

For the love of the sport!
Ride to Live,  Live to Ride!

Cycle Mania

In recent years, the popularity of cycling has exploded, with social rides, cycling clubs, and massive bike-centered events nation-wide. We are at most major events in Texas. We do travel to major events outside Texas. Check out our Events List and we will be glad to talk to you. Happy riding.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our local community with convenient, affordable access to the highest quality cycling products available.  We will continually add items as we grow. Please stop by from time to time. Be sure to get on our mailing list. Our mailing lists are absolutely never sold or rented to anyone.

Our 4ever-t Guarantee

At anytime, you may return your damaged t-shirt to us and we will send you a replacement. The t-shirt can be burned, torn, faded, stained, whatever...and we will replace it. Our "4ever-t Guarantee" can not be beat by anyone. Maybe somdeday, someone will match us, but maybe not.